Is Modafinil or Modalert legal in the US, UK and Australia

{:en}Modafinil  most commonly used to cognitive function and wakefulness, as well as make the user more attentive.

Modafinill was originally manufactured for a different purpose than it is used for now; it was originally used to treat narcolepsy, and is now widely used on people who work late shifts or otherwise have an irregular sleep schedule.

Modafinil or its equivalent Modalert 200 by Sun Pharma differs from stimulants like amphetamines and caffeine, as it offers a different kind of mental stimulation. It’s generally considered more useful than them as well, as it stimulates the central nervous system without the effects of anxiety and irritability that are often caused by similar drugs. In addition, Modafinil can boost mood, reaction times, and energy.

One downside of Modafinil is that it tends to have a few mild to severe side effects that are similar to drugs like Tylenol if used long-term, as it increases liver enzyme levels. It’s recommended that you keep in touch with your doctor and monitor liver enzyme levels if you do plan on using the drug, as such side effects should not be casually dismissed over the long term. If you do happen to notice any other unwanted effects, contact your doctor and follow their advice and instructions.

The complex drug laws of the United Kingdom  can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with them, and so it can be difficult to determine what is legal and what isn’t when talking about nootropics and eugeroics.
In the United Kingdom, several agencies, along with the Department of Health and the NHS (National Health Service), as well as the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) have the responsibility of regulating drugs.

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 governs controlled drugs, and the Health Act 2006 provides additional measures and further regulations.

This is where the waters become muddy; Modafinil is not a controlled drug in the United Kingdom, and so does not require a prescription for purchase. However, to complicate matter, it is not approved by the MHRA (which is the UK’s equivalent of the FDA). The same situation is in Australia. In the USA Modafinil / Modalert 200 can be purchased in the US under prescription only that is why many people order it from overseas.

With all of these laws, Modafinil or its generic analog Modalert is put into a grey area, thus it is legal for British, USA    and Australia people to buy the drug for personal use, without prescription. However, personal use is defined as an amount that is less than a three month supply or less.

The drug is not allowed to be imported for commercialization or sale but as long as the drug is for personal use only, its importation is considered legally acceptable.

Most people have no problem ordering internationally and overseas, but there have been spotty reports of Modafinil being seized and inspected at the border. This is a minor outside risk however and most orders should get through without incident.

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