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Modalert“Here is my review As everyone knows, have narcolepsy causes damage in many areas of our lives. Nevertheless, I fought and got a master’s degree without even knowing who had this problem.When I was diagnosed I was about 28 years old and now I’m 30. To have this diagnosis was complicated because here narcolepsy is not known …But finally I was diagnosed with narcolepsy and the doctor began my treatment with Modalert 200. It was great to know how to be a normal person! However, the drug ruined my stomach and esophagus, today suffer from reflux because of it.I told the doctor and he said that the drug does not cause it.Someone had the same problem?So, I better control my sleep and lived with Guarna seed in the mouth, which helped me to keep me awake for a while. But it is not very efficient.Next week I will go back to my doctor, but as it only exists here, the query is very expensive. So I am unable to go at it all the time.I wonder suggestions for you to optimize my conversation with him and treatment.I know there are methylphenidate, but he said it would not last as long as Modalert 200.I returned to take modafinil was left to test, I’m taking three days ago but have not felt anything down … If it worked it would be perfect, but I’m not much hope.I appreciate everyone’s attention and because I already feel welcomed, as not my own family understand or accept my limitations. In childhood and adolescence taxed me bum.”

Modalert 200 mgI’m 36, will be 37 next month, married with 2 boys and an almost 1yr old puppy. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy when I was 12 which is a lifelong seizure disorder. Luckily it’s well controlled. In August, I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy without cataplexy. I was put on Modalert 100mg a day, but it only was lasting around 4 hours. We played around with it a bit and I currently take modalert 200 mg daily, but split up, 1/2 in the morning, 1/2 at night. Still doesn’t really last. After doing some research and speaking with my pharmacist (neuro was closed yesterday and now it’s a weekend and nobody will address meds over the weekend).

I’m going to try to split it up into taking it 3-4 times a day to keep it steady in my system. I can’t afford more than a months supply of it (max insurance will do without pre-approval is a 30 day supply of 200mg tabs). The insurance co-pay is $50! Driving is a big trigger for my sleepiness, so I also asked the pharmacist about occasionally taking a caffeine tablet. I only drink caffeine if I have a migraine coming on (not very often). I took a quarter of a tablet of caffeine yesterday, it seemed to help some with minimal side effects. In going to try 1/2 a caffeine tablet today. My big concern is that I am driving over to Disney on Friday (my husband is going over early with the camper) and given that I won’t get out of work until at least 3 and will be picking my MIL and my oldest sun up, we’ll be hitting some major rush hour traffic turning what should be a 1.5ish hour drive into probably a 3 hr drive It’s a new job an and since we aren’t coming back till Monday, I didn’t want to take 2 days off and I don’t want the kids, mostly my oldest, missing 2 days of school.Has anyone tried Modafinil? What’s your experiences? What about taking the occasional caffeine tablet? Any other thoughts? Thanks again! And I’m so glad I found this group, nobody, not even my husband, understands the narcolepsy battle. “You just need to get more sleep.” If only it were that easy. Sleeping 7-8hrs a night makes absolutely no difference, and this came out of nowhere. I haven’t had it forever. I get a decent amout of sleep most nights because thr trigger for seizures or seizure activity is lack of sleep.”

Modalert 200 mg review and experienceI started taking modalert 200mg in Dec 2014. I was on it consistently daily during the week and took weekends of. I also took it as needed. I’ve tweaked the dosage, times and stack and have settled on either 200mg in the morning, or 100mg in theĀ  morning and 100mg at lunch. This was a good groove for me. My study, work, and sleep were in a good, consistent healthy rhythm.

Since the beginning of Feb 2016, I’ve broken my pattern. I started taking moda only as needed. I’ve noticed some changes as I came off of consistent usage. Among them was that my sleep has become restless. When I was on moda, I slept well, but was up between 4:30a and 5:30a, worked consistently all day, and was in bed by 10:30 (give or take and hour) every night. It was a great pattern. Now, I have trouble sleeping, I’m not waking up regularly, and am tired during the day.

Also, I’ve noticed that I’m much more impatient than I normally am. My concentration is there but can be more easily broken. I find the disturbance frustrating and it makes me angry.

I suppose the only fair way to test if modafinil was the cause is to restart my pattern and see if things change back. I’ve heard that some people can build up a tolerance. You need to take breaks. Again, my optimum pattern was weekdays on, weekends off. Be patient and find yours.


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