Where to buy NZT-48 pill from Limitless or CPH4 from Lucy?

NZT-48, The Wonder Drug from Limitless

The movie Limitless, released in 2011 and starring Bradley Cooper, has somewhat shaped the narrative regarding smart drugs. The film begins with Cooper in the role of a struggling writer, failing to hold together his career and relationship. His character displays symptoms of both ADHD and depression. Following a chance encounter, he takes a mysterious pill which transforms his brain and subsequently his life. The drug unleashes his mental potential and he becomes a successful entrepreneur thanks to his newfound drive and competence. The drug grants him photographic recall, enhanced imagination and accelerated learning. Although a vast exaggeration of the effects of cognitive enhancers, these are the same type of benefits they promise.

The film’s wonder drug is known as NZT-48. It’s the overblown Hollywood version of existing smart drugs, also known as nootropics or cognitive enhancers. Although the fact is that humans utilize 100% of their brain capacity, the film repeats the tired old trope that only 10% is utilized. The other 90% of our brainpower is apparently waiting to be unleashed by wonder drugs like NZT-48. This “10%” myth has absolutely no relation to how nootropics operate in the real world.
The actual process by which smart drugs achieve their effects is by altering the levels and operation of neural transmitters, as well as brain growth factors (neurotrophins). Occasionally, as in the case of Nootropil which has a similar stimulatory effect as caffeine, the brain’s dormancy/arousal cycle is also chemically adjusted.

The intelligence-boosting effect on the protagonist in Limitless is another fabrication. Smart drugs do not measurably boost IQ. The movie “Lucy” repeats this fantasy, only with a female protagonist.

Lucy was released in 2014 with the lovely Scarlett Johansson in the lead role, supported by Morgan Freeman. In this film, the protagonist is exposed to a superhuman serum known as CPH4. Again, the story goes, the substance unlocks that fabled 100% of human brainpower, allowing her to perform extraordinary feats.

There are many other examples of fictional works which revolve around this theme of human enhancement. Limitless with Bradley Cooper was certainly not the first work of fiction to use this theme. The theme of superhuman serum has appeared, to the point of familiarity, in books, comics and TV shows. Lucy is likewise just a modern example. This only goes to show that people have long dreamt of higher abilities, such as telepathy or levitation. Stories of people with such superhuman abilities are common to cultures around the world. So naturally, there is a genuine desire for real-world substances with effects similar to NZT-48 or CPH4.
The mind is, after all, mysterious. A lot of our behavior becomes unconscious once mastered – how often do you actively think about maintaining your balance while walking? You don’t need to think about staying aware of your environment or putting one foot in front of the other either. Once learnt in childhood, many of our behaviors become automatic. The brain handles them below the level of awareness, freeing the conscious mind for other tasks.
Over the ages, we’ve come to better understand brain function, often by studying the effects of damage to specific brain regions. Such insight readily disproves the 10% myth. If so much of the brain goes unused, why does damage to a small isolated part destroy certain mental functions? How can that be, if more than enough brain matter remains to take over such tasks? The truth is that humans would not have evolved to carry around a large and energy-intensive organ which served them only partially.

While the 10% myth can be easily dismissed, the ability of certain pharmaceuticals to increase brain function is far more plausible. Obviously, CP4H and the like are a far cry from existing drugs. The sapphire CP4H crystals seen in Lucy are as fake in their appearance and their effect. The movie describes them with a little technobabble, based on existing medications used to reduce the pain of bone growth in fetuses and children. Unfortunately, some have believed this nonsense and lost money.
“CP4H” is also the name of a genuine molecule useful to medicine. Its complete name is “6-carboxytetrahydropterin synthase.” This substance is present at a cellular level in countless different organisms although it’s most frequently encountered in bacteria. CPH4 is an enzyme, which is a cell component that serves to create the necessary inputs for other cell functions. CPH4 creates Queuosine, a helper molecule which binds the tRNA found in the cells of bacteria. It may be likened to a molecular glue. So, an unglamorous little molecule, without any ability to dramatically boost mental performance, not that doing so would make much difference to brainless bacteria.

The ridiculous thing is that, due to the film Lucy, unscrupulous people are offering CPH4 for sale over the internet. Only a sadly ill-informed person would buy it. If it’s the genuine medical compound, it will have absolutely no effect on the human body. If it’s some sort of fake substance, there’s no telling what effect it could have. Harm could possibly result from consuming it, as it could turn out to be virtually anything.

It’s extremely wishful thinking to expect any medication to transform you into a superhuman genius, as occurs in the movies Limitless and Lucy. While real-world nootropics can certainly have a positive effect on your performance, the results will be nowhere near as dramatic as Hollywood would lead some to believe. Smart drugs simply improve your existing brain function, by enhancing the connections between neurons with greater activity and transmission speed.

Somewhat comparable in effect to amphetamines, although far less dangerous, are the eugoric stimulants known as Modafinil (Modalert 200) and Armodafinil. Their common effects include sharpened focus, enhanced memory function and expanded awareness. Your general performance is likely to improve as a result of taking them. Although no known drug can measurably boost your IQ, people may consider you a “smarter” person if you’re more productive in your daily tasks. It’s no exaggeration to say that Modafinil and Armodafinil can boost your productivity.

Modafinil has been shown to enhance neuroplasticity; the term used to describe the brain’s ability to transform itself. This allows for more rapid mastery of unfamiliar processes. This leads to a more empowered state of mind, in which the brain learns more easily. Such a high-functioning state will certainly prove more conducive to common mental tasks such as invention, recall and learning.

So where to buy such drug? Just check the list of reliable modafinil suppliers  Don’t believe ads which portray nootropics as the miraculous medicines from the movies. Buying into fantastic claims will at best waste your money and at worst put your health in jeopardy. Only snake-oil scammers resort to such claims. You’d be far better advised to use 100% of your mental potential in reaching the decision to use only proven smart drugs. Choose only those substances which have been authorized and built a good reputation among users. If you’d like to enhance your performance, these are the only options worth your consideration.

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